Raag Yaman

In this raag only swar M is tevra and all the rest swaras are shudha. This is a very popular simple and straight raag, that is why many people know this raag. Raag yaman is also called as ashray raag of thaat kalyan.


Details about the raag

Thaat - Kalyan

Jaati - Sampurna- Sampurna

Vadi Swar - ग (G)

Samvadi Swar - नि (N)

Time - First half of the night

Mood conveyed and expression - Serene, Calm and Peaceful but at the same time joyful and lively

Aaroh - सा रे ग मे प ध नि सां
              S R G Mͥ P D N Ṡ

Avroh - सां नि ध प मे ग रे सा
              Ṡ N D P Mͥ G R S

Pakad - नि़ रे ग रे ,सा,प मे ग, रे, सा

             Ṇ R G R, S, P Mͥ G, R, S