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Raag Bhairavi

Raga Bhairavi is the most famous of all ragas & is called queen among all ragas because any song composed in it is melodious. Usually in the concerts it is sung at the end by the great pandits because it is so melodious that we would not like listening to any other raga after listening raga Bhairavi.
 Details about the raag (or) raga

 Thaat - Bhairavi
 Jaati - Sampurna- Sampurna
 Vadi Swar - म (M )
 Samvadi Swar- सा (S)
 Time - Early morning
 Aaroh - सा रे॒ ग॒ म प ध॒ नि॒ सां ।

               S Ṟ G̱ M P D ̱ Ṉ Ṡ
 Avroh - सां नि॒ ध॒ प म ग॒ रे॒ सा ।

              Ṡ  Ṉ  D ̱ P M G̱ Ṟ S
 Pakad - म म ग॒ म रे॒ सा रे॒ सा , ध़॒ नि़॒ सा ।

              M M G̱ M Ṟ S Ṟ S, D ̱̣ Ṉ̣ S 

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