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Recommended Books On Hindustani Classical Music

Sangeet Visharad (Hindi)

Famous book "Sangeet Visharad", Indian Music Theory Book, Best book for Indian Music in Hindi covers all the topics of Indian Music

Hindustani Sangeet Paddhati, Kramik Pustak Malika, pt 1, in English, Bhatkhande (1st)

by Pt. Bhatkhande

Hindustani Sangeet Paddhati, Kramik Pustak Malika I to IV, Bhatkhande, 6 books

by Pt. Bhatkhande

The Ultimate Book of Sargam Patterns: Indian Music Permutations, Classical Indian Music, Sargam Exercises, Paltas

Sargam and Palta Riyaz (Practice) Book for Taan and Aalap

An Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music

A Guidebook for Beginners, This book delves into the understanding of raga sangeet, semi-classical and fusion music, raga sangeet in Hindi films, as well as the future of classical music in India.

Raag Parichay 1 to 4

A Perfect book for understanding raagas, with aapal taan and more

Practical Guide to North Indian Classical Vocal Music

This book describes the tonal patterns and the tonal embellishments. By following the practical exercises given in this book, you can train your voice, sing notes correctly, develop your own ability to improvise, and make your own tonal patterns

The Ultimate Riyaaz Book: Classical Indian Music, Riyaaz, Sargam, Alankars, Paltas, Indian Music

This is essentially a classical Indian music practice manual. There are over 650 patterns in this book. These patterns are used as exercises in order to develop one's pitch accuracy, tone, dexterity, agility, flexibility, and speed. This book will bring your practice to the next level and make you an improvisation wizard.

Elements of Hindustani Classical Music

This book attempts to present a detailed and comprehensive discussion of the fundamental concepts and aspects of Hindustani classical music.

Enlightening the Listener: North Indian Classical Vocal Music (Prabha Atre)

Deals with various aspects of music performance as also persons and institutions involved in "Music Making". Perspective on traditions and includes film music. By a leading vocalist (PRABHA ATRE), notes experiences and teaching.Cassette enclosed.