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Vasundhara Raturi
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Greetings and saadar pranaam to all members,

Firstly, I would like to say that I have recently joined this site and I must congratulate 'Surgyan' for their tremendous efforts in promoting and preserving the rich legacy of our Indian Classical Music. Now moving on with my queary, I own a manual Tanpura Tanpura and my daily Riyaz takes  place with it. Hence, I tune my Tanpura daily as it can be clearly infered. However, a strange problem occured in the khuti 'Knob' of one of the Jori strings of the Tanpura. The khuti has suddenly got jammed, which means it is not able to move in any direction. What's more surprising is that the other three khutis are perfectly functioning except for this one. One reason, assume, is the impact on the wood of the Tanpura as it is extremely hot and humid in Delhi these days (though I try my level best to care for the Tanpura). However, I am not sure of the exact  reason. Any help in this regard would be much apreciated.

Warm regards,

Vasundhara Raturi

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Anna Shetty
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