Taan is a skillful technique used in the performance of a raag at the extreme level of emotion in Hindustani classical music. It is sung or played with the standard level of (darja) combinations of swaras in a particular raag in a very fast tempo, speed is very important while singing or playing taan.

It involves the singing of very rapid melodic passages with pronouncing notes or often it is sung in aakar (with vovel aa). An artist requires expatriation to improvise notes at a very fast speed to take-up the mood of a raag to an extreme level.  


Taans are categorized in different types:

Bol Taan : Taan can also be sung by using the words of bandish. This type of a taan is difficult to sing as in this correct pronunciation, meaning of the composition, also has to be taken into consideration.

Sapat(Straight)/Shuddha Taan : The notes are placed in an order in one or more octaves.

Koot Taan : In this type of taan notes dose not remain in order. For that reason the nature of Koot Taans is complicated.

Mishra Taan : Mishra taan is a Combination of koot and sapat taans.

Gamak Taan : Gamak is a method of singing by which a force is added to notes and each note is repeated at least twice and hence this type of taan is called as gamak taan.

There are many other types of taan for example. Zatkaa taan, Halak Taan or Palat taan, Gitkari taan, Jabde ki taan, Ladant taan, Sarok Taan.

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