In music scale (shruti) there can be 12 kind of sounds that match the scale (shruti). These types of sound in music are called swar or note. In music there are 12 swaras (notes). Out of those 12 swaras 7 swaras are shudha(pure), 4 swaras are komal and 1 swar is tivra.

The names of 7 shudha swaras are listed below:

1. Sa - Shadaj

2. Re - Rishabh

3. Ga - Gandhar

4. Ma - Madhyam

5. Pa - Pancham

6. Dha - Dhaivat

7. Ni - Nishad


the order of 12 swaras can be better understood with the table listed below.

Tivra Swar

Shudh Swar




Komal Swar





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