Raag Salag Varari

This raag is a creation of Pt S N Ratanjankar. Todi can be seen in poorvang where as Ahir Bhairav is prominent in the uttarang. This raag can also be called Ahiri Todi, however one should not use Shuddha Gandhar of Ahir in this.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Todi

Jaati - sampurna- shadav

Vadi Swar - सा (S)

Samvadi Swar - प (P)

Time - Second half of the night.

Aaroh - सा रे॒ ग॒ प, ध नी॒ ध सा ।

               S Ṟ G̱ P, D Ṉ D S

Avroh - सा नी॒ ध प, ध नी॒ ध प, ग॒ प, रे॒ ग॒ रे॒ सा ।

              S Ṉ D P, D Ṉ D P, G̱ P, Ṟ G̱ Ṟ S

Pakad - सा रे॒ ग॒ प, ध॒ नी॒ ध॒ प, रे॒ ग॒ रे॒ सा ।

              S Ṟ G̱ P, D ̱ Ṉ D ̱ P, Ṟ G̱ Ṟ S

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