Raag Madhuri

The jaati of this raag is "Chatushra - Audav" but sometimes in order to be consistent with the raag rules, a fifth note (shuddha madhyam) is added in the aaroh.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Khamaj

Jaati - Audav - Audav

Vadi Swar - म (M)

Samvadi Swar - सा (S)

Time - Third half of the night.

Aaroh - सा ग॒, प नी सां ।

              S G̱, P N Ṡ

Avroh - सां नी॒, प ग, प म, नी़॒ सा ।

               Ṡ Ṉ, P G, P M, Ṉ̣ S 

Pakad -

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