Raag Kabir Bhairav

This raag is a unique discovery of Bhairav raag. This is sung with chalan of Jogiya. In Aaroh there is a andolan taken on Dhaivat just like bhairavi where as this andolan is not taken in the Avroh.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Bhairav

Jaati - Sampurna- Sampurna

Vadi Swar -   (M)

Samvadi Swar- सा  (S)

Time - Second half of the morning

Mood conveyed and expression - गंभीर

Aaroh - सा रे॒ , ध॒ नी सां
              S  Ṟ G M, P D ̱ N Ṡ
Avroh - सां रेँ॒ नी ध॒ (रे॒) रे॒ सा
              Ṡ Ṟ̇ N D ̱ P M G M (Ṟ) G M Ṟ S

Pakad - , ध॒ नी ध॒ , , रेँ॒ नि॒ ध॒ ध॒ ध॒
            M, D ̱ N D ̱ P, M Ṟ̇ Ṉ D ̱ P P D ̱ D ̱ P M