Raag Gauri (Purvi Thaat)

This raag is a special type of Gauri which is only sung in the Chaitra month. This raag is also called Chaiti Gauri. This raag is basically a combination of Raag Shree and Gauri. Shree is used in the purvang and Gauri is used in the uttarang.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Purvi

Jaati - Shadav - Sampurna

Vadi Swar - प (P)

Samvadi Swar - सा (S)

Time - First half of the night.

Aaroh - सा रे॒ मे प, मे ध॒ नी सां।

              S Ṟ Mͥ P, Mͥ D ̱ N Ṡ

Avroh - सां नी ध॒ प ध॒ म, प मे ध॒ मे ग रे॒ ग रे॒ सा।

Pakad - नी ध॒ प ध॒ म, मे ध॒ मे ग रे॒ ग रे॒ सा।

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