Raag Devgiri Bilawal

This raag is a combination of Bilawal and Yaman without teevra madhyam. The singer has to be extremely careful not to use teevra madhyam despite of the kalyan ang and not to use komal nishad otherwise this raag will become Yamani Bilawal.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Bilawal

Jaati - Shadav - Sampurna

Vadi Swar - सा (S)

Samvadi Swar - (P)

Time - Second half of the morning

Aaroh - सा ()रे () , नी नी सां

              S (G)R (P)G P, N D N Ṡ

Avroh - सां नी , () रे, (रे) नी़ रे नी़, रे (रे) रे सा

              Ṡ N D P, (D)P M G R, (R) Ṇ R Ṇ, R G M G (R)G R S

Pakad - रे, नी़ रे नी़, रे नी़ सा 

            G M G R, Ṇ R Ṇ, G G R Ṇ S

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