Raag Darbari Todi

Darbari Todi is extremely rare raag and the origin of this raag is attributed to the great miyan Tansen. If the Pancham of Todi is made as Sa and from that Sa if Todi is sung again,it gives rise to the Raag Darbari Todi.

Details about the raag

Thaat - Todi

Jaati - Shadav - Sampurna

Vadi Swar -

Samvadi Swar -

Time - First half of the night.

Aaroh - सा रे॒ ग॒ मे ध॒ नी सां ।

              S Ṟ G̱ Mͥ D ̱ N Ṡ

Avroh - सां नी॒ ध॒ प मे प ध॒ नी॒ ध॒ प मे ग॒ रे॒ ग॒ रे॒ सा ।

            Ṡ Ṉ D ̱ P Mͥ P D ̱ Ṉ D ̱ P Mͥ G̱ Ṟ G̱ Ṟ S

Pakad - सा ध॒ ध॒ प मे प ग॒ मे मे ध॒ नी॒ ध॒ प ।

              S D ̱ D ̱ P Mͥ P G̱ Mͥ Mͥ D ̱ Ṉ D ̱ P

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