Ashray Raag


In Hindustani classical music a thaats name is introduced from the raagas that are born from particular thaat. Based on the raag’s name that has been given to thaat, that particular raag is called ashray raag.

For example Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni. From this swar combination we can conclude that this is bhairav thaat.

The name bhairav thaat is given because from these swaras and from the same thaat popular raag bhairav came into creation. In the similar manner raag bhairav is the bhairav thaat’s ashray raag. From any thaat that the raagas come out there is a little bit of ashray raags similarity in all the raagas but we should not assume that the raagas are a part of ashray raag as the raagas come into invention from the thaat’s. ashray raag is also known as thaat-vachak raag. In the history of north Indian classical music there are ten ashray raagas.
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